Officers and Board

WACC is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership for three year staggered terms. The current Board members, and their respective responsibilities, are as follows:

Board of Directors

Term Expires
President * Chuck Bensonhaver 2016
Vice-President * Slade Metcalf 2017
Treasurer * Brian Norris 2016
Secretary * Rich Farrell 2016
Immediate Past President Carol Fishman
Programs * Al Thibault 2016
Awards Jane Wilford
Badges Alan Bowen 2016
Specials Projects David Cohen 2017
At-Large Connie Conner 2018
Frank Farfone 2017
Nancy Fendrich 2018
Craig Hanson 2018
Helen Ross 2018
John Witty 2018


* denotes members of the Executive Committee