Officers and Board

WACC is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership for three year staggered terms. The current Board members, and their respective responsibilities, are as follows:

Board of Directors

Term Expires
President * Chuck Bensonhaver 2016
Vice-President * Slade Metcalf 2017
Treasurer * Brian Norris 2016
Secretary * Rich Farrell 2016
Immediate Past President Carol Fishman
Programs * Al Thibault 2016
Awards Jane Wilford
Badges Alan Bowen 2016
Specials Projects David Cohen 2017
Public Relations
Connie Conner 2018
Fund Raising Frank Farfone 2017
Great Decisions Craig Hanson 2018
Membership John Witty 2018
At Large Mela Wyeth 2018


* denotes members of the Executive Committee