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"Witness to History" - a Webinar with Anne Garrels

December 16, 2020 at 4:00 PM 
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Zoom Webinar


Description: Garrels will look at covering a world in conflict, first reporting on a very Cold War, and then increasingly dangerous "hot wars".  She will examine what can be done and what increasingly is impossible given the growing threat to journalists and the shrinking media coverage.

Speaker: Anne Garrels was a long time foreign correspondent, first with ABC in the Soviet Union from 1979-1982 from which she was expelled. After a brief stint covering the State Department she was posted to El Salvador in1984 to report on the civil wars in Central America.  She then moved to NPR, where, despite a 70 per cent pay cut, she spread her wings.  In 1988 thanks to glasnost she was able to regularly return to the Soviet Union and was also assigned to cover Tienanmen Square, the Gulf War 1991, Yugoslavia, a four year tour in the newly independent Russia including the war in Chechnya, and subsequently Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. She arrived in Baghdad in 2002, and, one of only 15 American journalists, stayed during the US bombing of 2003.   She remained there for seven more years documenting the US invasion and the aftermath. She was a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, has received all the major journalism awards and is a long-standing board member for the Committee to Protect Journalists.  She has written two books -- "Naked in Baghdad" and "Putin Country - A journey into the Real Russia."