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A Webinar on Foreign Policy Challenges facing the Biden Administration with Brett Bruen

March 29, 2021 at 4:00 PM 
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Zoom Webinar


Theme: A Post-American Era: Foreign Policy Challenges facing the Biden Administration


Description: As President Biden settles into his administration, he looks out over a vastly different foreign policy landscape than any of his post-Cold War predecessors. The United States' international influence and credibility stands at a historic low. It's not only due to the actions or inactions of the last White House occupant. Brett Bruen, a former Director of Global Engagement on the National Security Council shares his views on how several recent administrations have helped to usher in a Post-American era, where we no longer serve as a singular source for stability, security, and standards around the globe. He will discuss how this has and will lead to more friction and conflict between countries, along with new opportunities for our adversaries. Yet, it also comes with new possibilities for citizens, organizations, and companies to play a larger role in driving change on the world stage. 

Speaker: Brett Bruen As Director of Global Engagement at the White House, Bruen built President Obama’s legacy international initiatives. His counter-crisis management strategies were used successfully against Russian propaganda. As an American diplomat, he worked on the frontlines of crises in the Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Iraq, and Madagascar. Bruen now helps clients survive and thrive amidst the regularity of today’s risks. He teaches Crisis Communications at Georgetown University and serves on boards at Harvard and University College Dublin. As a columnist at Business Insider and a daily commentator on major media outlets, he is an influential voice on global issues. He speaks fluent Spanish and French. He now serves as President of the Global Situation Room, a public affairs agency dedicated to solving companies’ most complex communications challenges.