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A Webinar with Jason Jones - Bitcoin May Be Digital Gold, But DeFi is the Future of Finance

April 28, 2021 at 4:00 PM 
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Bitcoin May Be Digital Gold, But DeFi is the Future of Finance. Learn how decentralized finance is the next generation of the Internet and why all global commerce will run on DeFi.

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, he also launched the App Store. Do you know how you could tell that the iPhone was going to be a huge success? You could see that hundreds of thousands of developers started uploading apps. A huge community was born on the App store platform. Fast forward to today and the Platform Economy is booming, whether it is influencers on YouTube and Instagram, ecommerce stores on Amazon and Shopify, artists on Spotify and iTunes, or Gig Economy workers on Uber or UpWork. Entrepreneurship is prospering in the Platform Economy. The same thing is happening in the crypto industry, but while the mass market is focused on the beautiful and simple utility of Bitcoin (an amazing innovation), there are hundreds of thousands of developers that are building DeFi apps on Ethereum. Jason will give you a peek into the world of DeFi, introduce some of the largest players in the market, and explain why DeFi is the next generation of the Internet.


Jason Jones, Entrepreneur and Investor

Jason is the Chief Commercial Officer at Centrifuge, a decentralized lending
protocol that bridges real world assets to DeFi. He is also a board member at
TrueNorth, a leading fintech software development firm for digital
marketplaces. Previously, Jason was an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at
ConsenSys as well as CEO of ConsenSys Capital Asset Management. He has co-founded several businesses
including Cardinal Rose Group, LendIt Fintech, NSR Invest, and HighStep Capital. Earlier in his career, Jason
worked as a portfolio manager/analyst at J. Goldman & Co., Goldman Sachs, Cambridge Associates, and
Fidelity Investments. Jason holds an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell University and a BS from Babson College.