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Webinar on China's Military Threat against Taiwan with Dr. Michael Sun from the Citadel

May 12, 2021 at 4:00 PM 
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Cross strait relations have become extremely tense since 2020. The People’s
Republic of China (PRC) blamed Taiwan for having a one-sided policy and
becoming too close to the administration of former US President Donald Trump,
with Beijing lashing out over the prospect of high-ranking US officials being
allowed to visit Taiwan. The Trump administration also approved several advanced
weapons sales to Taiwan. China responded to these high-profile visits and arms sales
by threatening military action. According to the PRC Foreign Ministry, these
activities have encouraged Taiwan independence, and China will make the necessary
response. Taiwan is being threatened with invasion by voices within the Chinese
state-run media, and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced it would defeat
Taiwan independence at all costs. My presentation will introduce Taiwan and China
historical relations, explain the PRC’s perspective on the current crisis, and assess
why they continue to escalate the military threat.

 Dr. Sun, is a veteran of the Taiwanese army, retiring as colonel. He joined the Citadel faculty in the fall of 2018 as Assistant Professor of Political Science. Prior to this, Michael was a Visiting Scholar at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and adjunct assistant professor at The National Defense University of Taiwan. Dr. Sun is the author of China’s Cultural Soft Power in the United States and The U.S. Government Decision-Making Process in the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis. His research interests are East Asian security and politics, U.S.-China relations, and U.S. security policy in Asia. He teaches East Asian Affairs and International Politics.