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If you want to again see the August 31 webinar with Rolf Mowatt-Larssen on 'A CIA Insider's View of Threats Facing America in the 21st Century', Click Here to View the Webinar
His book is -A State of Mind: Faith and the CIA.

If you missed the August 11 webinar with Pamela Aall and Chet Crocker on 'Peace and Conflict Diplomacy' Click Here to View the Webinar

WACC Webinars!

Click here for video recordings of recent WACC webinars. NOTE: WACC members are invited to the ‘live webinar’ which allows
them to participate in the Q&A session.

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New members are welcome! Currently WACC programs consists primarily of webinars, podcasts, and Great Decisions. These programs will be conducted in a virtual environment for members participation.

WACC dues primarily fund the expenses associated with the six evening meetings - the speakers, the venue, and the refreshments.  With no evening programs planned at this time, new member dues for the 2020-2021 year are significantly lower than in previous years. New member annual dues are set for the 2020-2021 year at $35 for an individual membership and $70 for a couple membership.

WACC 2019-2020 members will have their membership extended to December 31, 2020. There is no need for 2019-2020 members to renew their membership. There will be no dues assessed to those members. Dues consideration after the end of the calendar year will be revisited in November. There are funds available from the 2019-2020 budget that can sustain WACC obligations until decisions on resuming “normal programming” can be made.

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Business Members
Morris Financial Concepts Inc
SunTrust Bank
K&L Gates LLP

The new Business membership runs from Fall to Spring, with a total of 6 events in each season. The dues for the 2020-2021 season (September 2020 to June 2021) are established at $350 with the fexibility allowing any two people (either directly or indirectly associated with the company) to attend each of the 6 meetings.



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Due to the COVID-19 virus, all WACC 'in-person’ events (evening programs, dinner, luncheons) have been cancelled until further notice. The WACC Board of Directors is closely monitoring the situation and will keep WACC members advised on ‘reopening plans.’

Welcome to the World Affairs Council of Charleston

The World Affairs Council of Charleston (WACC, formerly the Charleston Foreign Affairs Forum) was founded in the early 1980's as a non-profit, nonpartisan organization. The WACC mission is to educate and engage the wider Charleston community through timely non-partisan activities on world affairs and international relations. The WACC membership, representing a cross-section of individuals from business, education, and civic backgrounds, seeks to inform and attract participants of all ages. Through thought-provoking presentations and discussions, participants are challenged to foster their understanding of the world. The WACC is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America.

The WACC hosts six speaking events each year. The events feature distinguished presenters from the U.S. and foreign governments, academic organizations and the business community. The speakers present timely lectures on international events affecting our lives. A lively question and answer period follows the presentations. For information on membership and attendance, go to our membership page.

Prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend a meeting. Prospective members may attend one meeting as a guest for a nominal charge of $20 per person, payable at the guest registration table with either cash or check. No preregistration is required. The $20 guest fee can be applied towards the membership fee.


The World Affairs Council of Charleston has prepared a social media guide for members and guests to learn about WACC's social media platforms - our website, our Facebook page and our new LinkedIn page. The guide includes instructions to access the different media as well what is contained in each. View Social Media Guide Here!

Some WACC Photos to Enjoy!



The World Affairs Council of Charleston will sponsor a local Academic WorldQuest™ competition each year!

Academic WorldQuest™ (AWQ) is the World Affairs Councils of America’s flagship youth education program. It is a fun, fast-paced team competition for high school students. Academic WorldQuest™ tests players’ knowledge of current international politics, geography, global economics, history, and world cultures. Academic WorldQuest™ engages more than 4,000 high school students annually to test their knowledge of global issues and foreign policy in competitions across the country. Some 50 World Affairs Councils hold local AWQ competitions for high school students in their communities. Since 2003, winning teams have traveled to Washington, DC every April to vie for the national championship.

The World Affairs Council of Charleston (WACC) invites local high schools to enter four-person teams for the competition. The competition will be held in March or April of each year

Topics for the 2020 competition are:
1. U.S.-Russia Relations
2. Country in Focus: South Korea
3. Preventing Extremism in Fragile States
4. Oceans: The World's Garbage Dump
5. Great Decisions
6. Brexit and the EU
7. China's Belt & Road Initiative
8. Germany: 30 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall
9. Qatar and the Future of the Gulf Cooperation Council
10. Current Events

A practice competition was held in February at the Academic Magnet High School. Four teams competed. Since the actual competition was cancelled, it was decided to award the winning team at the practice with our first year trophy. The winning team was from Academic Magnet.


For more information on the AWQ program click here. For questions regarding WACC’s local program send an email to secr[email protected] or call 843 860 2502.

AWQ funding is not included in present WACC revenues. Sponsors and donations are being requested to support AWQ expenses. If you would like to donate to support AWQ, click on the below 'To Donate' button.


The World Affairs Council of Charleston (WACC) is an affiliate of the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) and actively particpates in several programs: Travel the World and Great Decisions. WACA has other events, programs, and activities in which WACC members can participate. Of interest, may be the Newsletters and Weekly Alerts. It contains links to articles on world affairs from a variety of sources. You can sign up for the WACA  'Weekly World News Update' by entering your email address on the WACA website - https://www.worldaffairscouncils.org. You will find the newsletters and updates very interesting and informative.



See WACC Videos


In 2018 WACC sponsored two special dinner meetings. Both dinner talks were video taped. The videos are available for viewing. Just click below to view the video you want to see.

Luis Rubio Talk on Mexico's Complex Democracy on January 31, 2018 Click Here
Larry Diamond Talk on the Global Liberal Democratic Order on October 1, 2018 Click Here




Great Decisions Groups -- In addition to the large group presentations by invited speakers, smaller groups of members have the option to meet to discuss current world affairs using materials prepared by the Foreign Policy Association. For details, see the Great Decisions Groups page.

Awards Program -- WACC sponsors an annual awards program for students from the local high schools View the Awards for Excellence in Global Studies and a Citadel student View the Colonel Myron C Harrington Award who have expressed an interest and have excelled in their study of foreign affairs.

WACA Programs -- The World Affairs Council of Charleston (WACC) is an affiliate of the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) and actively participates in several programs: Travel the World and Great Decisions. WACA has other events, programs and activities in which WACC members can participate. Of interest, may be the ‘Weekly World News Update’. It contains links to articles on world affairs from a variety of sources. You can sign up for the WACA ‘Weekly World News Update’ by entering your email address on the WACA website - www.worldaffairscouncils.org. You will find the Updates very interesting and informative.












Open Amount World Affairs Council of Charleston Donation

An open amount donation to WACC



Open Amount World Affairs Council of Charleston Donation

An open amount donation to WACC




Click here to access the World Affairs Councils of America newsletters


Next Citadel Lecture series

Emerging threats and topics in Africa

Date: October 29, 2020
Time: 10:00 am
Where: Zoom

  • Pat Hendrix, Ph.D., The Citadel, Department of Intelligence and Security Studies
  • Yusuf Abu Bakar, Deputy Director, Nigerian Defense College
  • Fauizya Abdi, Lecturer, Yale University and President of Women in International Security, Horn of Africa Chapter
  • Fatma Ahmed, Senior Advisor, UNDP, Africa
  • Audra Grant, Ph.D., NORC, University of Chicago

Moderator: Dr. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, The Citadel, Department of Intelligence and Security Studies

Join Zoom Meeting


On Februay 26th over 60 WACC members and guests attended a business luncheon featuring the German company, KION North America, headquartered in Summerville, SC. Mr Daniel Schlegel, Vice President of Operations, presented a history and update on this fascinating company. The luncheon was held at Halls Signature Events in downtown Charleston.

Dr. Andrew Hsu, College of Charleston President, Dinner

Over 90 WACC members and guests attended the dinner with Dr. Hsu on January 9th at the Citadel Alumni Center. Dr. Hsu  shared his journey from China to the US, his reasons for accepting the College of Charleston Presidency, and his thoughts about the history of China and China today. Dr. Sally Selden, Provost and Dean of the College at The Citadel, introduced Dr. Hsu.


The WACC has started a partnership with the Political Science Department at The Citadel which will sponsor a WACC student intern. The part-time internship includes helping the WACC with marketing, implementing and managing various programs, and writing a term paper relating to a relevant international topic of interest. This program will provide an opportunity for our intern to work with "real world" aspects of organizing and managing an active and progressive international affairs civic organization. 

Ken Fox giving the WACC thank you letter to Intern Wes Hayes.