Colonel Myron C Harrington Award

The Colonel Myron C. Harrington Award honors Colonel Harrington, Citadel graduate, Citadel former faculty member and former president of the Charleston Foreign Affairs Forum, predecessor of the World Affairs Council of Charleston. It is given annually to a Citadel cadet with outstanding academic qualifications, especially in the study of international affairs. Dr. Dubose Kapeluck,  chair of the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice directs the selection. The award is presented by WACC member Caroline Thibault.  

The Harrington Award is this Council’s highest form of recognition. Given the man whom it honors, it should not be bestowed lightly. The Award is named for Col. Myron C. Harrington, a Citadel graduate whose military career exemplified the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps and whose civilian contributions are equally distinguished. He won the Navy Cross, the nation’s second highest medal for valor in combat during the battle for Hue in the Vietnam war. He served in Australia, England, Japan, and Lebanon before returning to teach at his alma mater as professor of naval science. Thereafter, he was headmaster of Trident Academy, nationally known for his dedication to students with learning disabilities. He is active in a wide range of civic organizations, including those working with veterans. Col. Harrington is on the Board of Visitors of the Citadel which bestowed its highest honor, the Palmetto Medal Award on him. He is also a former president of the Charleston Foreign Affairs Forum, predecessor to the World Affairs Council, and was on our board for several years. 



Each year, the WACC requests The Citadel to identify a Cadet who has distinguished him or herself in international studies.  This year, Dr. Dubose Kapeluck, Chair of the Political Science Department identified Cadet Adam Niehoff from Wantage, New Jersey.

Lt. Niehoff is a Marine Naval ROTC scholarship winner, has studied at the Marine Corps Officer Training School and trained with a Marine infantry company in Quantico, Virginia.  Here at the Citadel, he served as a Battalion Commander, commanding 400 cadets.

His academic excellence is no less outstanding, ranking on the Dean’s List, the President’s List and Commandant’s List. He is the recipient of three academic scholarships. He has devoted special effort to studying German and is a member of the German National Honors Society and given much time to campus outreach activities. 

On May 11, Adam Niehoff, this year’s Harrington Award recipient, was commissioned as a Marine officer, thereby following Col. Harrington’s distinguished precedent and example.




Every year we in the Council request The Citadel to identify a Cadet who has distinguished him or herself in international studies as worthy of the Harrington Award.  I don’t think that Dr. Dubose Kapeluck , Chair of the Political Science and Criminal Justice Department,    had any difficulty in identifying Cadet Andrew Christensen.   His record speaks for itself.  I want to thank Dr.  Kapeluck for his  support of the World Affairs Council commitment to this award.  He was not able to attend the meeting,  but is represented by Dr. Jack Porter, also of the Political Science Department.    

A member of the Naval ROTC Marine Contingent,  Cadet Christensen,  who is from Tucson, Arizona but graduated from high school in Melbourne, Florida,  has held a variety of leadership billets, including  Battalion Sergeant Major, advising the commander of 430 cadets, and Company Commander, directly responsible for 96 cadets of all classes.

Beyond  the  Citadel campus, Cadet Christensen has worked as a lab technician, assisting a team of engineers in data analysis and the testing of new products, gaining  considerable  experience in using Microsoft Office and various laboratory test machines and tools, skills that prepare him well for the future. His study abroad experience was in Sao Paolo, Brazil but he also spent many months as a church missionary in Argentina, acquiring linguistic fluency that  made him a Spanish Supplemental Instructor here at the Citadel, aiding students in the understanding of Spanish class material, both written and verbal.           

Cadet Christensen has an outstanding academic record.  He is a major in Political Science with a cumulative GPA of 4.0.  He is a member of the Citadel Honors College.  He will graduate from The Citadel in May and will be commissioned into the United States Marine Corps. I should note that he received a Special Achievement Award from the Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps Officer Candidate Training School for graduating among the top 10 percent of  270 officer candidates.      

Put all of this together, and there are surely few who have so well taken advantage of what the Citadel offers its students in embarking in future service to our country.  We are pleased that the World Affairs Council Harrington Award goes to such an outstanding recipient as Andrew Christensen.      


Both a member of the ROTC  and of the National Guard,  Cadet Bowman,  who is from Columbia, South Carolina, is a  member of Romeo Company  and  an Academic officer responsible for the academic proficiency of 120 Cadets, establishing study groups,  providing tutoring,  and devising innovative ways of promoting effective time management and study habits. He is also a Platoon leader, responsible for training, counseling and mentoring 40 ROTC cadets.

Beyond  the  Citadel campus,  Cadet Bowman  has served over the past three years as understudy of a 2nd Lieutenant at the 678th Air Defense Artillery Brigade of the U.S. Army National Guard in Eastover,  S.C .  He was an intern in the Washington  office of Congressman Joe Wilson,  assisting in a variety of functions.  And last summer,  he worked  in the Columbia office of  Sen. Tim Scott,  focused on providing constituent services.         

A member of the Citadel lacrosse team, Cadet Bowman has an outstanding academic record.  He is a major in Political Science, International Politics and Military Affairs with a cumulative GPA of 3.95.  He is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society, of the National Political Honor Society,  and of the National Leadership Honor Society.  He will graduate from The Citadel in May and be commissioned into the Maryland Army National Guard as  a Military Intelligence Officer.   

He  very recently conducted analytic research in support of the Horn of Africa Joint Task Force and, not surprisingly,  seeks a long-term career in issues involving national security, foreign policy, or intelligence analysis, applying his passion for problem-solving and political analysis, as well as his critical thinking and writing skills.  Put all of this together, and there are surely few who have so well taken advantage of all that the Citadel offers  in embarking on a career embracing military training and service and national and global security issues.        


2017 award winner

SSgt jeffrey smeriglio

Originally from Greenwich CT,  Staff Sergeant Smeriglio enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2007.  Upon completion of basic training at Parris Island he was promoted to Private First Class and completed Marine Combat Training. Deployed to Camp Lejeune, he was an honors graduate of 2nd Battalion  6th Marines Corporals Course. 

In August 2010,  Corporal  Smeriglio deployed to Afghanistan as Platoon Ammunition chief. In April 2011, he re-enlisted and was promoted to Sergeant, returning to the United States the following month. He has held a variety of leadership positions at the Marine platoon and company level and has been active throughout as a Martial Arts instructor.  In June 2012, he was selected for the Marine Corps Commissioning Education Program. He completed Officer Candidate School in 2013, and came to The Citadel, being promoted to Staff Sergeant.

He is a double major in Political Science International and Military Affairs and Spanish, receiving the Gold Star award for a 4.0 grade point average in every semester at the Citadel. He has also received the Daughters of the American Revolution award for demonstrating qualities of dependability and good character, leadership ability and a deep understanding of the patriotic importance of ROTC training. 

Jeffrey Smeriglio’s military awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. He currently serves the local community as a medical translator at the Dreamcenter free medical clinic in Mt. Pleasant.


2016 award winner

Luis Miguel Parrado

Originally from Columbus, Georgia,  Mr. Parrado is a senior cadet at The Citadel who will graduate in May 2016 with honors in Political Science with a focus on Pre-law and Legal Studies. He is an Eagle Scout and a Citadel Scholar who twice received the Star of the West Summer Scholarship, studying at universities in Estonia and Latvia and at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.  He was an intern with the Superior Court of Muscogee County in Columbus and in the Washington office of U.S. Representative Marshall Sanford.

Captain of The Citadel’s Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team since 2013, he researches and plans case studies, assisting the faculty coach at the Regional Ethics Bowl in Florida.  Both in 2015 and 2016, Mr. Parrado was a Citadel delegate to the NATO Bowl, held in Washington,  where  he represented Canada in the “Emerging Threats Committee.” He is also Editor of the Gold Star Journal, The Citadel’s scholarly journal, compiling and editing academic paper submissions, also formatting the paper and photograph submissions.

Within the Corps of Cadets, Mr. Parrado is a Company Commander, responsible for approximately 100 cadets, including their morale, academic proficiency, military  training, and intramural athletics, and provides feedback to the Commandant for the improvement and daily functioning of the Corps.  He is on the Dean’s List, the President’s List and the Commandant’s Distinguished Service List, and is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies.