Great Decisions

WACC members interested in discussing and debating current global foreign policy challenges are invited to join a WACC Great Decisions (GD) group.

Several groups of 8 - 14 will be organized in January. Each group meets twice a month February - May. Meeting time, day of the week and sites for each group are arranged according to the preference of those registered.

Before the annual discussion series begins, GD group members will receive a current GD briefing book published by The Foreign Policy Association. The book highlights eight of the most thought-provoking foreign policy issues currently facing America. The 2021 discussion topics will be: "Global supply chains and national security"; "Persian Gulf security issues"; "Britexit and the European Union"; "Struggles over the melting Arctic"; "China's role in Africa"; "The Korean Peninsula"; "Roles of international organizations in a global pandemic"; and "The end of globalization?"."  It provides background information, current data and policy options for each of the eight issues. Led by one of the group's members, each discussion focuses on one of the eight topics.

To participate, a WACC member completes the Great Decisions Registration Form and pays a $30 fee (individual/couple). The fee includes a copy of the briefing book. Registration begins each fall for the following year's Great Decisions program. Registration for this program is restricted to current WACC members. Registration for the 2021 Great Decisions groups are closed at this time, all groups are at capacity.

For more information about WACC's Great Decisions program, feel free to contact one of the following current participants:

Craig Hanson 843-793-2529
Bill Prewitt 843-722-3331

Foreign Policy Association

The Foreign Policy Association ( - the NY City affiliate of the World Affairs Council, developed the Great Decisions (GD) program in 1954. It is the largest and oldest grassroots organization of its kind.  Currently 400,000 Americans are members of Great Decisions groups.

The GD program is centered on the Great Decisions briefing book.  Each topic is written by experts, providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of the current national debate, historical background and policy options concerning each topic