Due to COVID-19, WACC programs will consist mainly of webinars and podcasts.

The webinars will feature speakers from the U.S. and foreign governments, academic organizations, think tanks, and the business community. The speakers will present talks on current international topics. A question and answer session follow the presentations.

For instructions on registering and accessing WACC webinars click here. 

Below is a listing of the webinars that WACC has presented this year.

Rolf Mowatt-Larssen provides "A CIA Insider's View of Threats Facing America in the 21st Century', August 31, 2020  Click Here to View the Webinar 

Chet Crocker and Pamela Aall discuss  'Peace and Conflict Diplomacy", August 11, 2020  Click Here to View the Webinar

 Jon Gundersen discusses ‘How U.S. Foreign Policy is Made’, July 1, 2020  Click Here to View the Webinar